The Great Steak Masterclass

Format: Interactive demo + sampling
Duration: 1.5 hours
Can all steaks be cooked the same way? We’ll look at the steak’s thickness as well as muscle, fat and connective issue content to determine how to cook  a specific steak to get the optimum texture, flavour and doneness  you prefer. 
Conducted in an interactive demo format, the class will cover reverse searing a thick cut bone-in ribeye steak and grilling a striploin steak and a secondary cut such as flank to show what differentiates various cuts of steaks and what techniques to apply to get a golden crusted, pink and juicy steak each time.
In this demo, we’ll be using a gas grill but the the techniques of cooking a steak will be similarly applicable when using a frying pan to sear and an oven to bring the steak up to temperature for reverse searing.


  1. Ribeye on bone (approx 2″ thick cut, reverse sear)
  2. Striploin 
  3. Secondary cut (flank)     

What you’ll learn:

  1. Preparing the meats
  2. Seasoning and marinades
  3. Grilling/roasting methods
  4. How to get the pork crackling extra crunchy
  5. Slicing and serving

What’s provided:

  1. All ingredients used during the class
  2. Printed recipes 
  3. Mineral water/soft drinks
  4. Alcoholic drinks are available for purchase

The class will be conducted in a hands-on format and will include 15 minutes of dining time. Guests will work in pairs to prepare all the dishes listed.

Cost: $180 for 2 pax

Location: Fyregrill Academy, 201 Henderson Road #03-10 Apex@Henderson Singapore 159545

If you would like to customise or book a private class, please email us at

A minimum of 4 participants is required to proceed with this class. Should the class not reach minimum numbers, we will notify you no later than three days prior to the scheduled date. Guests will be welcome to reschedule for another date or obtain a refund if preferred.

*In line with current COVID-19 guidelines, we will only be able to accept bookings from participants who are fully vaccinated.

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